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In Brief

North Miami plans ahead

North Miami Elementary School Principal Matt Storm said the school is going to add an ID scanning program which will scan every visitor who comes through the door and provide the school with instant feedback on the visitor.

“It’s really going to help us increase our safety in terms of knowing who’s in the building,” Storm said.

School staff also participated in a safety training day where they spoke about planning a disaster response drill. The school would like to have a drill this spring, but, according to Storm, the drill most likely won’t happen until the fall.

– Paige Conley

Peru Community Schools beefs up security

During the Miami County School Safety Commission Meeting on Friday, April 20, Peru High School Principal, Paul Frye, touched on a few security measures the school is taking to make students feel safer.

According to Frye, the school recently installed Raptor – an ID sign-in system – which will scan visitor’s Id’s and prints them off a badge with their name on it along with where they are supposed to go in the school. The badge is also used to sign visitors out. The system also lets school officials know if a visitor is on the registered sex offender list and keeps a reliable, accurate list of people who come and go.

Peru schools are also in the process of ordering window decals for both main entrances into the school and on the Tiger Arena doors. The decals won’t let people see into the building, but it will let students and administration see out.

There is also a new student safety committee where students are able to voice their concerns and let staff know where they think extra safety measures should be taken within the school.

– Paige Conley