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Peru man charged with kidnapping

BY Paige Conley - pconley@perutribune.com

A Peru man was arrested Saturday morning on a warrant for several charges after reportedly kidnapping a woman earlier in the week.

According to a Peru Police Department probable cause affidavit, at noon on May 8, PPD Officer Geoffrey Wyrick, Officer Charlee Pelzel and Lt. Jon Richardson responded to a Peru residence in reference to a welfare check.

Upon their arrival, an unknown female came out of the residence and reportedly stated Rommie Walton, 58, Peru had held her against her will and shaved her hair off.

At that time, the female reportedy told Wyrick Walton was passed out on the couch from alcohol intoxication and she wanted to leave.

She also told officers she did not try to fight Walton and no physical altercation occurred between the pair, said the PPD affidavit.

After the female refused to provide a recorded statement, Wyrick transported her to a safe location.

According to the affidavit, the female began to calm down, then allowed Wyrick to take a photo for his report and provided the details of what happened that day.

The female reported to officers she was staying at a unknown location because she was fearful of Walton and had been hiding from him.

The female then stated she was leaving the location around noon to go to the dollar store and her place of employment in Kokomo when another vehicle pulled up with Walton as one of the passengers, said the PPD affidavit.

The victim reportedly told officers she tried to get drive away from them, but the unknown vehicle gave chase.

The PPD affidavit stated that the victim’s car began to break down and she was forced to pull over.

Walton reportedly exited the vehicle and came up to the female’s vehicle where he threatened to “pop” the window. In order to avoid this, the female told police she rolled her window down in which Walton allegedly unlocked her vehicle and demanded she move into the passenger seat. According to the affidavit, she told police she complied out of fear.

“Rommie then entered the driver seat and sped off in a dangerous manner,” said the PPD affidavit.

Once the pair were at the Peru residence, Walton reportedly yelled for the female to get out of the car before he walked around to the passenger side and allegedly began slamming the door on the female. Walton, then, reportedly took her phone and threw it on to the porch where it shattered, said the PPD affidavit.

Walton reportedly forced the female from the vehicle where he physically and aggressively pulled her into the residence.

Once inside, Walton is accused of slapping, punching, and verbally attacking the female.

Walton also reportedly cut the female’s shirt at the shoulders and bra straps before he allegedly threatened to stab her with the scissors.

The victim told police Walton held her against her will while he shaved her hair because she had dyed her hair to disguise herself from him.

The PPD affidavit stated Walton had been drinking throughout the day while he continued to reportedly be verbally abusive to the female. Walton allegedly made the woman sit outside by herself at one point and made her call her boss and quit her job.

The female stated Walton is currently treated for anxiety issues and believes he is off his medication.

The female requested a protective order against Walton for herself, her employer, and the residence in which she is staying, according to the PPD affidavit.

Upon hearing the female’s story, Wyrick requested a warrant to be issued for the arrest of Rommie Walton, said the PPD affidavit.

Walton was arrested at 9:02 a.m. Saturday for a level 5 felony domestic battery due to prior conviction with a different female in 2008.

Walton also faces charges of level 6 felony criminal confinement, level 6 felony kidnapping, level 6 felony intimidation, and A misdemeanor for interfering with reporting of a crime.

Rommie Walton is being held at the Miami County Jail on a $3,300 bond.