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Three arrested on drug charges

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BY Paige Conley - pconley@perutribune.com

A traffic stop on June 19 led to the arrest of three Florida residents on several drug charges.

According to an Indiana State Police probable cause affidavit, on June 19 a traffic stop was conducted at U.S. 31 near County Road 1150 South in Miami County by Wabash County K9 Deputy Matt Cox on a vehicle who was following too close to the vehicle in front of it.

By the time ISP Trooper Abigail Russell arrived on scene, Cox already had the three occupants from the vehicle out of the SUV and handcuffed.

The occupants of the vehicle included Phillip A. Baety, 21, Orlando, Florida, Daniela Gonzalez, 21, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, and Emily Hynson, 21, Ft. Myers, Florida.

After searching both women, Russell conducted a search on the vehicle after Hynson reportedly admitted there was a pen with marijuana oil in the center console. Russell located the pen along with several small bags containing a white crystallized and yellow powdery substance.

Russell then moved to the back passenger’s side of the vehicle where she allegedly located more illegal substances.

“In a purse belonging to Ms. Gonzalez, I located another pen containing marijuana oil, a chocolate bar that field tested positive for marijuana, a partial orange pill, a partial gel capsule that contained a white powder, a baggy that contained a white powdery substance and several pieces of tin foil that contained three whole and two partial small paper squares,” Russell stated in her affidavit.

When questioned Gonzalez reportedly said the orange pill was ecstasy, the baggy contained cocaine and the paper was LSD.

There was also a black suitcase in the back of the vehicle that Hynson stated belonged to her which contained several different colored bags, each containing a white powdery substance, according to the ISP affidavit.

“Ms. Hynson said that the red bags were cocaine, the blue bags were Ketamine and she was unsure what the green bags contained,” stated the ISP release.

A yellow cloth wrapped around a piece of cotton with a small baggy containing an unknown substance was found in the passenger’s seat pocket. Baety reportedly stated it belonged to him, but he didn’t know what was inside.

“Inside Mr. Baety’s wallet were three small bags with a white powdery and crystallized substance inside,” said the ISP affidavit. “Mr. Baety stated those bags did not belong to him and that he was delivering them to a friend in Michigan.”

According to the ISP affidavit, The red bags field tested positive for cocaine.

Officers also found a small silver and copper spoon with a burnt residue on it and a marijuana test kit that all reportedly belonged to Baety.

All three individuals were placed under arrest and were transported to the Miami County Jail.

Baety was cited for following too close and is facing charges of possession of marijuana and dealing cocaine. He was released from the Miami County Jail on a $800 cash bond.

Hynson is facing charges of possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance and synthetic look alike. She was released from the Miami County Jail on a $1,100 credit card bond.

Gonzalez is facing charges of possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance. She was released from the Miami County Jail on a $1,400 credit card bond.