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Voices of Recovery

VOICES OF RECOVERY:Contributor Kevin poses for a family picture.


Editor’s Note: This article is a submission for Miami County Systems of Care’s bimonthly series entitled “Voices of Recovery” in which those affected by addiction tell their story. The Peru Tribune only edits for style, grammar, and spelling, but all content is that of the contributor.

This is my story of addiction and recovery.

I am a former drug addict, clean nine years now.

I started dealing cocaine when I was 17 and landed in prison for burglary. I then spent four years in the state farm.

It was there I joined the Aryan Brotherhood for protection and survival.

When I was released in 1999, I was clean and met my future wife, Angie. Things were going well and our daughter, Gracie, was born in 2002.

Shortly after this, we acquired some large debt. I had learned to make meth in prison and had the idea to sell it to pay off our debt. Angie was firmly against it, but I did it anyway.

Within five months I lost my family, my business, my home…all for meth.

Two weeks later, Angie told me she was pregnant, but I didn’t stop.

I was arrested, but bailed out shortly after and still didn’t stop.

We had our son in September of 2005, but I still didn’t stop.

Angie did everything to help, but, most importantly, she prayed for me to come back to God. I feel she did everything possible, but with my infidelity and drug use, she filed for divorce and it was final in May of 2006.

Shortly before that, I was arrested again. This time, I was sentenced to 40 years. I

became angry and bitter and set my mind to not just survive, but conquer anyone who came against me. I rose quickly through the ranks of the Aryan Brotherhood to become the chapter president.

I didn’t know it then, but the pastor at the church where Angie and my mom attend gave a challenge to pray an impossible prayer. My mom prayed for God to do whatever it takes to bring me out of prison and back to Him. Angie was also praying for the same thing.

Eventually, bad behavior landed me in a maximum-security unit at Michigan City in 2009.

Shortly after arriving there, I was asked to kill a child molester. I refused to do this beacuse I didn’t want to spend life in prison. In response, 6 inmates stabbed me 17 times.

I collapsed from all the blood loss, developed a blood clot and eventually ended up in a coma.

I have one memory from the coma and this is as real as where I sit now. I remember being in a dark place, I heard horrible groans, there was a putrid smell and a frightening presence all around me. I cried out to God asking He save me. Eventually I remember seeing a light and whatever was in this light, the dark presence was scared of it.

It was Angie, she came to me and caressed my head, sang to me and told me it was going to be ok. What I didn’t know was she had been fervently praying, on her face, while I was in the coma that God would send me her spirit.

Long story short, God rescued me. He took this impossible situation, freed me from my addiction, anger and bitterness, freed me from prison in 2011 and restored our marriage and my family. If He can rescue me, He can rescue anyone!