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Eastbrook soil invitational

NMHS SOIL JUDGES:From left: Britney Stroud, Makinzie French and Lincol Wildermuth from North Miami High School were the top team of soil judges at Eastbrook High School.

Hannah McVay - North Miami FFA Reporter

On Sept. 22, members of the North Miami High School soil judging teams traveled to Eastbrook High School to compete in their soil judging invitational.

Members judging included: Anna Eckrote, Makinzie France, Austin Carter, Cameron Early, Lincoln Wildermuth, Clay Wildermuth, Hayley Anderson, Eilee Deniston, Britney Stroud, William Herrell, Audrey Piel, Abby Richardson, Chloe Keith, Jaden Hetzner, Taryn Mygrant, Kendra Donaldson and Mason Myers.

In the senior division, the team of Anna Eckrote, Hayley Anderson, William Herrell and Kendra Donaldson placed third at the contest; the team of Austin Carter, Clay Wildermuth, Cameron Early and Eilee Deniston placed Second at the contest; and the team of Makinzie France, Britney Stroud, and Lincoln Wildermuth received first place honors.

Individually, Austin Carter placed fourth, Makinzie France placed second, and Anna Eckrote placed firstst.

In the rookie division, the team of Audrey Piel, Chloe Keith and Abby Richardson received first place honors.

Individually, Chloe Keith placed fifth, Jaden Hetzner fourth, Abby Richardson second, and Audrey Piel first. Congratulations to all judgers!