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Peru man facing criminal confinement, other charges

BY Paige Conley - pconley@perutribune.com

A domestic violence call on Nov. 18 led to the arrest of a Peru man for criminal confinement, strangulation and domestic battery.

According to a Miami County Sheriff’s Department probable cause affidavit, Deputy James Bean II responded to a Miami County residence at approximately 6:10 p.m. in reference to a domestic violence call.

Upon his arrival, Bean reported being met by a woman in the roadway who reportedly stated she was being held against her will by her sporadic boyfriend, Dusty Callander, 34, before she escaped.

“Upon speaking with her I observed large red marks and bruising around her neck and chest, several red marks down her arms, including a bite mark on her right forearm and her left pant leg pulled up with a small opened wound on her left knee,” Bean wrote.

The woman advised that earlier in the day Callander had made several attempts to keep her in the residence including removing items from her purse and hiding them throughout the house and placing large items in front of both doorways while she slept.

Callander had reportedly told the woman her belongings were in a back bedroom and when she went to locate them she couldn’t find them. Then, when she tried to leave, Callander allegedly placed his hands against the doorframe blocking her exit, according to the affidavit.

“(Withheld name) stated she asked Dusty to let her out of the room and he stated she wasn’t allowed to leave and if she attempted to leave he would hurt her,” stated the affidavit.

The woman reportedly began to push against Callander repeatedly until he fell to the floor. When she attempted to step over him Callander allegedly grabbed her and pulled her to the ground where he placed his hands around her neck and applied pressure.

“(Withheld name) stated she began yelling for help as loud as she could then Dusty took one his hands and placed it over her mouth and told her he wouldn’t let her call for help,” Bean wrote.

The woman advised she may have blacked out at one point because when she came to Callander still had his hands around her neck and he had reportedly bit her arm.

The woman stated she fought against Callander, causing injury to him, and managed to push him away from her long enough for her to get to the door. Before the victim could escape, however, Callander reportedly grabbed her again and began tossing her around the home, according to the affidavit.

“(Withheld name) stated she continued to yell for help and Dusty continued to tell her he was going to kill her if she kept yelling for help,” stated the affidavit.

In fear of what Callander might do, the woman stated she obeyed which calmed Callander down until she was able to escape.

Following the woman’s statement, Bean contacted Peru Police Department and the Indiana State Police for assistance before obtaining a search warrant for the residence.

After obtaining the search warrant, officers entered the residence where they located Callander who went with them peacefully.

Callander was charged with criminal confinement, strangulation and domestic battery. He is being held at the Miami County Jail on a $73,000 bond.