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'The Experiment'

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INJECTIONS: Co-owner of Streaper’s Justin Eikenberry demonstrates what the fake injections look like for the new escape game, “The Experiment.” Participants are lined up on the wall and are given a fake injection at the start of the game – one that Eikenberry said becomes another piece to the storyline as they navigate through the game.
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SIGN UP: Eikenberry said he and Yoder travel a lot, so when escape rooms began popping up everywhere, they became enthusiasts. He said “it’s another area of creativity we can let loose,” so theydecided to start adding them to their haunted house about four years ago.

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@chronicle-tribune.com

A new escape game is coming to Streaper’s Entertainment this weekend, one with a medical theme and a dark twist.

Streaper’s five escape games are set up with a detailed storyline that envelopes participants into hands-on riddles and mind games, with the goal to escape in the time provided.

The new game opens on Friday and has been named “The Experiment.” The game starts off with a room that has a Doctor’s office look, but leads to secret places that have a bit more grit.

Co-owner Justin Eikenberry said the storyline of the game transforms participants into test subjects for a new trial drug. The individuals are told they’ll be observed for 60 minutes where any serious side effects will be documented so the doctor can make advancements to further his research.

But participants know a secret about the doctor, Eikenberry explained, one that could change the world in a negative way. Throughout the game, participants set out to find the reversal drug and save themselves from the final side effect before they run out of time.

Eikenberry said he thinks visitors will enjoy that this game is so different from their other games.

“The Experiment” takes place in a room that used to be called Grimhurst Asylum, Eikenberry said, which ran for two years. But he said participants won’t recognize the room since it’s been entirely redone.

With each new escape game, Eikenberry said he has groups come in to test it out first. He said co-owner Josh Yoder helps out with the lights and designs of the game but was able to test out “The Experiment” with a group, who ended up not getting out in time.

“I tried it with some friends, and I didn’t make it out,” Yoder said with a laugh. “But it’s going to be a good room, it’s a lot different than any of our other rooms.”

Eikenberry and Yoder like to redo the rooms every year to keep things fresh and new, especially for returning guests.

“We have a lot of repeat customers, some even come to play the game more than once ... So (we like) to keep bringing people back and let them play more games with their friends,” Eikenberry said.

The duo has been in the escape game business for the past four years after seeing them pop up everywhere and becoming enthusiasts, Eikenberry said, but they’ve held their annual haunted house every year since 2011. Yoder said they like to change things up to keep people coming back with the haunted house, too.

“We like to change things up a lot. We’ve done that for many years. With the haunted house we would always change it throughout the season and so that’s just our nature of changing it, adding new things to keep people coming back,” Yoder said.

Eikenberry said they are currently working on a another new room called “Captive,” which will open up this summer. Other rooms that can be found at Streaper’s are “Cabin,” “Peru Penitentiary,” “The Crypt” and “Echo Mission.”