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'The Lion King' comes to Blair Pointe

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SING: A group of Blair Pointe students sing to remind Simba of a memory he has with his father.
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HIDE: Simba, Nala, Timone and Pumba hide from hyenas in the Lion King
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SET DESIGN: Each student has a part in the production, including set design. Some students are in charge of switching out the big foam boards with backdrops painted on them, to change settings in the show.

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@chronicle-tribune.com

Blair Pointe Elementary School is ready to perform their annual school-wide production on Thursday, after months of dedicated teamwork.

This year the school will perform “The Lion King”, complete with painted backdrops, music and dancing. Principal Linda Watkins said the whole building is involved in the production.

Each student is able to choose to be a part of four different groups based on their interest, which they chose back in December. Some may choose to be an actor on stage, while others might choose to be a part of the publicity group, for example.

Watkins said they have met in their groups on Thursdays to work on their piece of the show, up until they’re ready for their spring performance.

Angela Ebert, the school’s music teacher and the production’s director, said rehearsals started in January. She said since then they’ve continued adding pieces in to build the show up and get it to where it is today, ready for performances in front of an audience.

The school’s specials teachers – including art, music, physical education and technology – all team up to help get the kids ready for the big day. All said they’re very excited to see what the kids can do.

“I’m always excited to see how things turn out, I love being able to see kids in that role because it’s not something you get to see them do all the time,” said Stephany Astrup, the school’s technology teacher.

Astrup said she led the publicity group this year. She said her students wrote letters to local businesses asking for donations and will advertise for them in their programs, they interviewed cast members for cast biographies to hang up in the hallways, along with character posters and community posters they created as well.

She said it’s good for kids who aren’t into the arts, singing or dancing because it gives them another avenue to be a part of it behind the scenes.

Faith Hatcher, the school’s physical education teacher, said she led the media group this year, which worked on recording what the other three groups were working on.

Watkins said it’s all gone wonderfully and would consider this to be one of the best performances they’ve done.

Performances will take place at 2 and 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.