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Flowers for Mom

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ARRANGE: Jennifer Butcher works on creating a flower arrangement on Thursday afternoon. Butcher said pinks and lavenders are pretty popular around Mother’s Day.
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FLOWERS ON A SHELF: Customers have the option of ordering arrangements online or coming into the shop at 65 N. Broadway to pick out what they’d like.

BY HEATHER COX - hcox@chronicle-tribune.com

With the community looking to flower arrangements for a typical Mother’s Day present, What’s Blooming has kept busy with consistent business this year.

Jennifer Butcher, owner of What’s Blooming, said this holiday season has gone well. While this is the shop’s second Mother’s Day in its current location, she said people are more aware of her shop and what she sells.

As a mother of two, Butcher said she would consider flowers as a good go-to for Mother’s Day gifts. She said she has fresh-cut flowers in a vase or basket, as well as potted plants. Additionally, Butcher sells blooming plants so mothers can plant the bulbs outside when they’re done.

“That’s always good, moms like something that can be used later, so it works out,” she said.

As for popular Mother’s Day arrangements, Butcher said a lot of people use her website to make orders because they can see what the arrangements would look like ahead of time. A lot of the popular arrangements include gerber daisies, lilies and roses, she said.

Butcher said she enjoys putting things together for Mother’s Day, especially because it’s different than Valentine’s Day styles.

“Valentine’s is so red, everything is red, whereas Mother’s Day there’s a lot of yellows and spring colors and spring flowers so that’s a lot more fun to put together,” she said.

Valentine’s Day is also a shorter window of time, whereas Mother’s Day can be spread out throughout the week, she said. 

Joe DeRozier, owner of DeRozier’s Bakery, likes to make his way next door to order flowers for special occasions as well. He said he ordered some for his wife and for his mother.

Along with the proximity of where her shop is located, he said he likes going to What’s Blooming because Butcher does a good job and takes pride in her work.

“Jennifer is close and nice to talk to … She works hard. She works two full time jobs, and that’s always impressive when people do that,” he said.

In preparation for Mother’s Day, Butcher will also have an activity for kids on this upcoming Second Saturday. She said she has around 60 small mason jars that kids from each family can plant pansies in, as well as wooden hearts that they can either put thumbprints or their initials on.

Last year she said they made flower boxes with the kids and within the first hour, all 50 boxes were gone, so the earlier people get there on Saturday the better.

Butcher said her family will be there to help out and it’ll be a good time.

“It’s just nice to have the community come out. You support them, and they support you,” she said.

The shop will be open from 5-8 p.m. on Saturday.

As for her own Mother’s Day plans, Butcher said she’ll visit her own mother, but for the most part, she plans to take the day to relax after a busy week of Mother’s Day flowers.