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Get A Move On

WIND IN THEIR SAILS: North Miami’s Connor Wilson (L) and Kaylee Lane (R)work on building up speed with parachutes providing resistance during one of the Warrior’s Championship Fridays. The additional workout day sees North Miami athletes trade the weight room for the track, performing several activities with teambuilding in mind.

BY TRENT SCOTT - tscott@perutribune.com

Much like any athletics practice during the course of the year, athletes who come in for summer lifts also brace themselves for getting a move on during their lifting blocks.

Depending on the setup, athletes might find themselves being on the run half the morning, whether it’s doing agilities, running sprints and stairs or hoping all around the room.

Not all weights programs require agilities as set part of the workout but the option for getting the heartrate up is always open, especially with the proliferation of items such as stationary bikes, elliptical machines and treadmills popping up in weight rooms.

Around the county, the range of which running and agilities form part of the workout vary.

North Miami splits into age groups with one half starting in the weight room while the other half begins with gym work, later hitting the track for some conditioning. “We condition some aspect every day,” Warrior lifting coordinator Joe Grant said. “Generally, Tuesdays are our sprint days and Thursdays are our distance days.

“We try to throw in a game for the younger kids to make it not seem so much like conditioning. We also tell the kids that their workouts and their lifting is conditioning; they should be going 1000 miles-per-hour in everything they do.

“Our coaches do a good job working with them,” Grant added. “Coach (Lori) Working leads the gym work while we have several football assistant coaches and other head coaches that keep the kids moving and coach the stations.”

Maconaquah uses agilities to get the workouts started, using dynamic stretching and conditioning before heading into the weight room, though sprints might work their way in for conditioning.

“Each workout starts with about seven minutes of stretching, followed by an 8-12 minutes agilities routine,” Braves lifting coordinator Austin Colby said. “We may do a stair routine, a hurdle routine, a ladder routine, jump rope or even push sleds.

“It’s more to get the body warmed up while building explosiveness and acceleration. We’re looking for explosiveness at the end of each so, maybe after the ladder, we sprint two or three steps trying to get up to full speed.

“After pushing sleds, we might have them do a set of lunges to increase the activation of the glutes, hamstrings and quads,” Colby added. “We try to do different things based on the workout to get the body firing.”

Peru opts to have each sport do its own conditioning, leaving the weights session to be focused on the weight room, though workouts may throw in non-lifting activities like jumping rope.

The flexibility allows coaches to do specific conditioning which Tiger lifting coordinator Romison Saint-Louis said was working for all parties.

“This summer we have been doing conditioning drills two days week and speed, agility and quickness drills one day a week,” Saint-Louis noted about the work done during football practices. “Our conditioning consists of 40-yard sprints one day and 110-yard sprints the other day.

“It has been very beneficial for athletes.”

Unique among the conditioning and agility workouts are North Miami’s Championship Friday.

Instead of being in the weight room, Warriors gather at stations around the track, doing a series of different activities, such as hurdle steps, sprints, parachute runs and one-on-one competitions.

Grant said the Friday workout not only helps build up endurance and shake up the normal routine but give the athletes a chance to work with new partners they might not otherwise interact with.

 “I stole this idea from Brian Clarke, who has been at Noblesville for a number of years,” Grant noted. “It’s an alternative workout outside of the weight room which we do every other Friday.

“We tried it out last summer and it was a hit. This summer, we decided to do it every other week to give the kids something to look forward to.

“We’ll go out to the track, do agilities, teambuilding workouts and one-on-one competitions like tug-of-war and relays,” Grant added. “This is a day we get to put everybody intermixed in groups, so you have all different sports and all different ages mixed together as a way to build relationships.”