Miami County Health Department Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

As reported today there are 12 cases in Indiana. The Miami County Health Officer, Dr. Christi Redmon is issuing the following recommendations for Miami County residents. There is no vaccine available that can protect against the virus however advanced personal hygiene can help protect a person from being infected. Miami County Health Officer recommends Social Distancing- at least 3 feet; if Miami County gets a Coronavirus case the Miami County Health Officer will update business and residents.

At this time Dr. Christi Redmon Miami County Health Officer request Miami County Schools close at the end of today March 13, and remain closed until further notice. Timeliness is critical for slowing spread of virus, by closing schools and avoidance of large crowds early in the Pandemic.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Throw away the tissue in the trash and then wash your hands. Men do not use a “handkerchief”

Handwashing is one of the single most important and effective ways to protect against viruses or any illness.

Use soap (preferably liquid) as bar soap can transmit pathogens (germs)

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds- soap and water- wash between the fingers.

Dry your hands with a disposable paper towel. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash your hands- however washing hands with soap and water is always best.

If you feel ill, call your healthcare provider FIRST rather than going to the office or ED waiting room. If you feel you need immediate attention call 911 and tell them the symptoms you are having so they are aware of and prepared with proper personal protective clothing to protect you and themselves.

Older people over 60 are at increased risk of serious outcomes from the virus and those risks increase even further for individuals over 80 and underlying disease states and those who are immune compromised.

Indiana State Department of Health


These measures are intended to decrease the unintended spread of the virus. Dr. Redmon and the county, city authorities will continue to assess the situation and will issue appropriate updates.

Miami County Health Dept 765-472-3901 X1215/1216