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Smoother surfaces slated for 15 Miami County roads

By Blair Yankey - byankey@perutribune.com

More Miami County residents will soon be smelling asphalt. 

In total, 15 roads in across the county are expected to get the important, surface-improving chip seal treatment by September, Miami County Engineer Ken Einselen told the County Commission on Monday.

Currently, Denver Pike between Harrison Ave. and Lovers Lane is being worked on, and is going to be triple sealed, he said.

The chip seal process consists of distributing a liquid asphalt emulsion on the roadway and covering the liquid asphalt with crushed stone to provide a new wearing surface. Once the asphalt has cured, any excess chips left on the roadway are swept away, INDOT said in a press release.

Miami County Commissioner Larry West said the condition of county roads is a top priority. “Not that they’re any worse than any other counties like us, but we have a lot of roads that need work and have a list of priorities,” he said.  “We’re trying to knock them off one by one.”

Einselen said the projects – with an estimated price tag of $792,400 – are important to maintain and preserve the road ways. “The surface treatment is like putting a new roof on a house, or seal it from cracks and preserve the road base that we have,” Einselen said.

Road Saving Treatment 

Miami County roads expected to be chip sealed include:

• 1000 South from 950 E to 1050 E

• 1000 South from 800 E to 950 E

• Strawtown Pike from Peru City Limits to S.R. 218

• 1000 South from 300 E to 150 W

• New Hope from 400E to S.R. 19

• 250 South from S.R. 19 to Wallick Rd

• 400 East from 1200 S to 1400 S

• 100 West from S.R. 16 to 900 N

• 750 North from 100 W to Dead End

• Lovers Lane from SR 19 to Mexico Road

• 100 West from 900 N to 1000 N

• 1000 N. 800 North from Meridian to Road S.R. 19

• 850 North from S.R. 19 to Warsaw Trail

• 100 East from 1000 N to Chili Cemetery Road