North Miami Soils team

Front, left to right: Allie Wildermuth, Anna Eckrote, Hannah Miller, William Herrell, Reid Johnson, Holly Richardson, Landon Thomas, Kacie Deardorff, Alison Smith, Benson Eckrote

Middle left to right: Allison Bowman, Hayley Anderson, Abby Richardson, Alaina Weaver, Makayla Miller, Zane Hanaway, Lucas Keim, Calvin Wildermuth, Cameron Early, Jordan Weaver, Connor Ammerman

Back left to right: Owen Knight, Chloe Keith, Cain Clingaman, Britney Stroud, Leann Eckelbarger, Allison Burns, Audrey Piel, Grant Wildermuth, Clay Wildermuth, Dolan Blakely, and Austin Knauff.

The North Miami Soils team recently competed in the Area 8 Soils contest on Oct. 1 in Carrol County. The competitors had a successful day with three senior division teams earning an invitation to compete at the state contest held in Hamilton County on Oct. 17.

Two teams that qualified for the national contest that was cancelled last year were also invited to advance to the state contest this year. Both North Miami Masters teams and one individual qualified for state in the Masters division. The Masters division consists of judgers that have previously competed in the national contest. Contestants evaluate soil for agricultural practices as well as homesite development. Once student evaluations are made, they then complete management practice recommendations including numerous aspects such as nutrient management and landscape and construction practices before submitting their final scorecard. Local and state soil scientists are called in to be officials for the contests and to make the formal answer key.