Maconaquah School Corporation, on Thursday, celebrated the end of another school year with a drive-through parade. Staff lined the sidewalks as parents, students, and community members drove through, waving and honking. It was a bittersweet celebration, as so many questions hang in the air about when in-person education will resume.

The Center for Disease Control released new guidelines last for reopening schools in the fall.

Maconaquah is one of the many school corporations who have not yet made a definite plan for the 2020-2021 school year.

“As much as we would like to make a plan for what school will look like for our corporation in the fall, we feel it is best to wait until definitive guidelines are released by Governor Holcomb,” said Maconaquah SuperintendentJames Callane. “Our fear is that if we make a decision too soon, we will have to alter our plan multiple times, only causing confusion for students, staff, and parents. With that being said, we want to assure our families that brainstorming is well underway, and that we plan to keep CDC guidelines in mind while also realizing that they are just that, guidelines.”

Callane said that at the upcoming school board meeting he will propose a plan to establish a core team of individuals to help direct the school in making the best decision for how they will reopen in the fall. If approved, the committee will meet regularly, reviewing guidance from multiple agencies to aid in creating a plan that works best for the Maconaquah community. The corporation hopes to give parents more guidance in July, once the governor releases state guidelines.

Callane says that this week’s parade was not a goodbye, but a “see ya later” as he is confident students and staff will eventually be able to reunite in person.