Four years ago, Pam Green and her husband purchased a farm in Converse. The previous owners left behind a couple of carts on the property. A friend suggested that Green should sell flowers from the stand and from there, The Flower Cart Lady became a community favorite.

Since then, Green has expanded her business. Most days she stocks freshly cut bouquets of flowers on the carts. Customers can come to the cart and leave their payment in the cash box in exchange for their bouquets. At the same time, anyone with a prayer request can drop that off as well.

“I love being able to just walk around and grab flowers and think who is going to get this bouquet,” Green said. “One of the things that I have chosen to do is just as I’m quiet out here in nature is just pray for the people that might be receiving them. Because it could be a really hard situation. You know, it could be a joyful one too, but I just always lift them up to the Lord and ask God to bless whoever is going to receive them.”

Green also takes special orders for bouquets and delivers them. She said it is common for her to get orders for local college students from parents who want to show them a little love from back home. In 2020 she had an especially high number of orders for students. Parents would order bouquets for their students who were in quarantine so they would have a little bit of nature inside with them. Sometimes she even got a special request to include something like a bottle of orange juice or some cold medicine for sick students.

“That part of COVID was fun for me to be able to brighten people’s day up with bouquets through that because there was a lot of that quarantine going on,” Green said.

One of the newest additions to The Flower Cart Lady is the U-Pick patch. There is a half-acre field of wildflowers full of over 30 of the farm’s 100-plus varieties. Customers can visit during U-Pick hours on Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 or Sunday evenings from 6 to 8 or set up a time with Green outside of those hours.

Groups of friends and families frequently come to pick together, but Green says she also has several people come who have stressful day jobs and want to spend some time alone in nature relaxing as they pick their own bouquets. Overall, the U-Pick patch has been a “big hit” in its first year and Green plans to continue offering it in future seasons.

The Flower Cart Lady’s philosophy and mission is to bring joy to people through bouquets and she has certainly accomplished that over the last four years.

“Everyone says they are just in awe. And they are like, ‘oh my gosh, this is just so peaceful. I just want to come and sit and be in the middle of the flowers,’” Green described the reaction the U-Pick patch usually gets.

The Flower Cart Lady has also recently started offering flower subscriptions. Those who subscribe get a new bouquet regularly, either to pick up from the farm or through delivery for an additional fee.

Green shared how one customer had a friend who had recently lost a loved one. During the first couple of weeks, she was overwhelmed with the number of flowers she received. The customer signed her up for the subscription. That way, even once the flowers from the funeral were gone, she continued to receive flowers in memory of her loved one every month.

“You get married, you have flowers, you die, you have flowers, you have a baby, you get flowers, you have a good day, you get flowers, you have a bad day, you get flowers,” Green said. “So we want people to find joy through each bouquet that they make themselves or that they’ve received. The Bible tells us that we can show love through words and speech but how much more can we show love by action? And just getting a simple bouquet does speak so much to people, just by grabbing it and taking it to a co-worker, to their wife or to their friend.”

The Flower Cart Lady farm is in Converse at 7885 W 400 N 27. For more information, visit the website and social media on Facebook and Instagram @theflowercartlady.