Indiana Democrats are finishing a five-week tour of the state touting successes of federal legislation that has pumped millions of dollars into local governments, and that they say would not have been possible without their party,

“Not one of our federal Republican delegation voted for the American Rescue Plan,” State Sen. J.D. Ford told a group of Miami County residents Monday night.

The group showed up for the Miami County Democrats regular meeting which opened with comments from Ford, a Democrat from Indiana’s Senate District 29 in Central Indiana, as well as State Rep. Earl Harris, from House District 2 in Northwest Indiana.

Gathered around tables in the basement of the old Methodist Church on Harrison Street in Denver, the residents listened as the two talked up broadband internet expansion, support for food pantries and extra money in the education budget that they said would not have been possible without the ARP, an early legislative victory for President Joe Biden this year that was passed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miami County alone stands to received about $6.8 million in funding from the legislation, and county commissioners have already voted to earmark $1.4 million of that to expand broadband service to rural county residents through a Miami-Cass REMC project.

Ford, on Monday night, rattled off the names of U.S. Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young and warned those in attendance to listen carefully for them and the other Republican members of Congress who voted against the plan but may try and take credit for the flood of federal money coming in.

“The Indiana Democratic Party is delivering for Indiana and for Hoosiers in every one of the state’s 92 counties, regardless of voting history or current political persuasion. We’re showing up and getting to work on behalf of every family and community because solutions matter so much more than tired partisan games,” Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, said in a news release about the final week of the tour. “President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is helping Indiana and its families rebuild from COVID-19, and Democrats are ready to push back against Republican misinformation and detail why the right partnerships between our federal and state governments can deliver major successes for Indiana’s future. This is what the American Rescue Plan is doing for the Hoosier State.”

The Monday night meeting was one of at least three happening this week at the end of the tour, the release said.

Democrats are also headed to Hendricks and Montgomery counties to talk this week about the legislation that Harris said was supported by 70 percent of all Americans, including 47 percent of Republican voters.

That, Harris said, was because the legislation was making things happen in communities around the state.

“Remember those things are happening because of Democrats that are putting it together,” he said.