In the wake of a world-wide pandemic and after hunkering down for the last couple months, it feels great to finally be back out and about again. Thankfully, for once, summer has cooperated and arrived for the season. In light of the pandemic, a sudden spike in at-home gardeners has been noticed. If you are new to the garden world, there are a few things to be on the lookout for as it starts growing this summer.

Nothing screams summertime like a super ripe and juicy tomato. While a quintessential staple in most Midwest gardens, tomatoes do not come without their share of problems and heartache. Surprisingly, however, many tomato problems are the result of environmental factors, such as moisture or temperature, rather than insects or diseases. Once again, Corey is here to the rescue and I will provide some tips and tricks for eliminating common problems with these flavorful fruits.

Corey Roser is the extension educator at Purdue University’s Miami County Extension Office.